food moment: ICE SCRAMBLE a.k.a. “ISKRAMBOL”

iskrambol with chocolate syrup

When I was a kid during my elementary years… one of my favorite food that I usually buy after school that was sold in food carts placed in a styrobox along the street near the entrance of the campus is… the famous “iskrambol”.

“Iskrambol” is a slang term derived from the word “Ice Scramble”, a shortcut street call per sé. It is the Filipino version of slurpee or slushy made of shaved ice and which is usually in bright pink color. Sometimes, This sweet street food is commonly topped with chocolate syrup with sugar caramel and powdered milk.

iskrambol toppings

As time flies, “iskrambol” evolved into something classy and with many choices of toppings aside  from the said syrup. New toppings such as marshmallows, pinipig and colorful candy sprinklers. You can now enjoy it in different colors as well such as yellow, orange and green. Presently, it is already being sold in malls and open for franchising in many brand names to choose from. Definitely a yummy and an affordable treat to beat the heat of the sun.


Until now, eating it or just even looking at it reminds me of my foodtrippin’ fun childhood days!

Photos by: Sukito San


 Kids love hotdogs especially if you have it with them inside their lunchbox for school. Actually, not even the young ones but even the young at hearts as well. So, why not make an easy bread recipe with  your favorite hotdog as the main ingredient. Let’s now make our own jolly hotdog. By the way, I call it jolly hotdog  because it makes me happy every time I am having it as an instant snack aside from the fact that the word “jolly hotdog” were known because of  Jollibee, a famous fast food chain here in the Philippines.

You will need:

Cheesedog or ordinary Hotdog if you don’t have any available cheesedog

Hotdog Buns

Grated Cheese

Ketchup and Mayonnaise (mixed together)

Here’s how:

1. Slice hotdog buns into halves vertically.

2. Boil cheesedogs or hotdogs in hot water until cooked. I prefer having  it boiled than being fried for a lesser cholesterol snack.

3. Put your cooked cheesedogs or hotdogs in the middle of your sliced bun. Then, sprinkle it with lots of grated cheese on top (the more cheese, the better and the more delicious it will be).

4. Heat it in the oven for two to three minutes or until done. If there’s no available oven, you can pre-heat the sliced bun in the pan until rightly toasted.

5. Mix mayonnaise and ketchup in a bowl. The amount of each condiments depends on how you want your batter to taste. After mixing it, pour it over your jolly hotdog on top of the grated cheese.

     Enjoy eating it with a combination of any of your favorite beverage and let your friends have a taste of your simple treat!

(Photos taken and owned by: Sukito)

food feature: TAHO!

“Taho” is one of the most famous Filipino delicacy that you can see as it was being sold in the street usually every morning. This sweet food captures the taste of both young and old especially the children. Derived from the influence of the Chinese cuisine, this food is made out of fresh soya or soybean which is also used in making soy sauce. It includes “arnibal” (caramelized brown sugar) or sweet vanilla syrup with the combination of pearl sago bought from local market and are boiled to a gummy-like condition until it turns out to be transluscent white.


The “Magtataho” are commonly seen strolling in the streets, parks, markets and other public places where people can see them easily. They usually carry these two metal buckets in a yoke. One bucket contains the soya while the other one has dividers and contains the syrup, the pearl sago and the coins separated on the other part of the bucket. You can have a taste of this delicacy for ten pesos (Php 10.00) or sometimes with five pesos (Php 5.00) depending on the size of the plastic cup. You can also bring you own glass where the vendor will fill it up with “taho” and the price will depend on the size of your glass. Anyways, you’ll never unmind the vendor for you can always hear him shouting, “Tahoooo! tahooo!”, several times as he passed you by. Nowadays, the syrup is available in many flavor choices like the strawberry (in Baguio), buko pandan and honey. 

Photos by: Sukito San

food recipe: NANAY’s HAM & CHEESE STICKS

Last Sunday my nanay (mom) prepared us a simple snack while watching tv. It’s a bunch of cheesesticks but with strips of ham inside. It taste meaty and salty at the same time. The saltiness of the cheese dominates the whole flavor of the food. Best when paired up with an iced tea. Of course, every merienda will always taste better when shared with company.

Here’s  how to do a simple but tasty cheesesticks for your family and friends:

You will need: molo wanton wrapper, ham (sliced in strips), cheddar cheese (sliced in strips), cooking oil, and water to paste the molo wanton wrapper.

First, place the slice of ham and cheese on the top of molo wanton wrapper. Second, roll the wrapper with the ham and cheese inside it. Then paste it with water. Lastly, fry it in a pan ’til golden brown and drain the oil afterwards. Serve it hot and with any juice, iced tea or cold drinks of your choice. Enjoy eating!

food photos: ICE CREAM CRAVERS!

People I knew having their ice cream moments…


Photos by: Sukito San

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