food moment: UBE MACAPUNO ROLL

ube macapuno roll

I am not really into celebrating my birthday in an extravagant way. For me, It’s an enough gift that I’ll always see my family in good health and that we are all living harmoniously. I didn’t expect that my nephew named, Jai Jai, would surprise me by presenting his birthday present to me on my special day. He got near to me as I came home and showed me what’s on the table. It’s an “Ube Macapuno Roll” from Red Ribbon with a written birthday greeting on it and with six little lit candles on top of it plus six faces of smileys made of white icing which adds cuteness to the cake. Of course, he’s just the one who presented it to me. But, it’s actually his parent’s idea to give it to me.

cake blow

Another funny moment that goes along with that cake roll whenever I see one was that as my nephew presented the cake to me, he asked me that he wanted to be the one to blow it for me. By the way, my 5-year old nephew has this habit of blowing candles on any cake he sees. And yup, he did succeed of blowing the six candles on the cake! 

Photos by: Sukito San

food people: CHEF BOY LOGRO

Chef Boy Logro

Pablo Logro, who is well-known in Philippine television as Chef Boy Logro has an inspiring “rags-to-riches” life story to share. He came from a poor family and the second son among with his eight other siblings in Leyte. He lived by means of fishing particularly “muro-ami” in his younger years. When he went to Manila, he worked as a “siopao” mixer in one of the Chinese restaurants in Quiapo and worked as a dishwasher as well. His passion for cooking started out by learning the techniques in Asian cuisine through observing the chef and the assistant chef in the kitchen while doing the dough for “siopao“. And the rest is history…

Then, he became a chef in several restaurants in Manila as he later on completed his culinary training in Italy and United Kingdom to name a few. He also attained the position of becoming an executive chef in Manila Diamond Hotel and a sous chef in Qaboos_Bin_Said_al_Said’s Palace wherein he got exposed in international cuisine.

Chef Boy Logro turned out to be a household name when he entered the world of television by becoming a judge in a tv show, “Kitchen Superstar”. And became more popular when he started hosting his own cooking shows like “Idol Sa Kusina” in GMA News TV and “Chef Boy Logro: Kusina Master” in GMA Network… aside from other tv guestings for interview, performance and for featuring his life story. He also showed his acting skills in movies like “Boy Pick-Up: The Movie” and “The Fighting Chefs” as a lead character together with actor Ronnie Ricketts. In addition to that, he appeared in a television series “Tweets For My Sweets” playing a main role with actress Marian Rivera.

Currently, despite from his celebrity status, he also owned “CLICKS“, short for “Chef Logro’s Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services, Inc.” as its President/CEO and as a Master Trainer together with his family… which aims of providing quality culinary education to every individual with passion for cooking and leading them to the path of becoming a professional chef and entrepreneur. This institute offers training programs on culinary, bartending, food and beverages, etc.

I featured Chef Boy Logro on my food blog, not only because I watch his shows… but also, because of him as a source of inspiration of becoming what you can be in life as long as you have the drive and passion for what you do. Most of all, he doesn’t only share his life story… but also, passing on his knowledge in culinary to every Filipinos who have the same interest as him to learn in the field of cooking.

Kudos for you Chef Logro!

Photo by: Sukito San (tv screenshot from the show, “Tunay Na Buhay”)



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