food moment: PASTA AND PIZZA!

It was the first week of January when I joined my two sisters in their shopping for a wedding event. Then, after a tiring walk… my sister who’s gonna get married treated us with “pasta and pizza” in Pizza Hut Food Express paired with iced tea. The pizza is in it’s Hawaiian taste while the pasta or the spaghetti is a little bit sour but good in its Italian taste. It’s a simple treat yet made fun and luscious because I ate it with the persons I love. I just then realized that any kind of food even the simplest ones can be tasty and finger-licking if you’re eating it with your family, your special someone, with a friend or with your “barkada”. So, this experience inspired me to put up a food blog that will feature simple and easy-to-eat food, snacks, drinks, street delicacies and the like. Hope you’ll enjoy reading my entries as you eat and share your favorite food with your loved ones 🙂

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