food trivia: YAKULT


Have it ever crossed your mind why “Yakult” always come in a small bottle?

When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to find “Yakult” in a 1 liter bottle.  Obviously, I didn’t succeed. I have thought that maybe it will easily get spoiled when exposed and that is why you have to consume it all in one drinking session to avoid it from getting wasted.

“Yakult” is a cultured milk drink made by fermented mixture of skimmed milk combined with Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain which is a beneficial bacteria. It was created by Minoru Shirota, a Japanese scientist who graduated from Kyoto University.

Based from the companies of “Yakult” in Australia and Malaysia, the favorite cultured skimmed milk drink is sold in small bottles to prevent it from getting contaminated. If it will be contained in a bigger bottle, drinking the unconsumed beverage later or the next day will compromise the quality of the probiotic dairy product due to its good bacteria content. One small bottle consumption of 80 ml “Yakult” each day is enough to keep the drinker healthy. On the other hand, it is available in a 65 ml and 100 ml bottles in other countries. In Singapore, “Yakult”  has 3 different flavors, namely… grapes, orange, and apple in a single pack of five including two bottles of its original flavor.

Drinking “Yakult” aids in gastrointestinal infections, modulates the immune system, and regulates well our bowel habits and constipation. But more than being a thirst quencher,  its slight sweetness and palatable taste makes it really delicious that you will want to crave for more.

Photo by: Sukito San



Chowking's Orange Chicken

One meal included in Chowking restaurant’s menu caught my attention if it really taste good as a food combination.  So, as a certified foodie… I have to try it out!

In one of their restaurant branches, I ordered their “Orange Chicken rice Meal with drink” for one person. They gave me a number in the counter and ask me to wait for it for some few minutes. Well, while waiting for my order… I just observe how their crews move and accommodate their customers. I can say that they were courteous yet fully occupied with some task. Finally, my order was served after 16 minutes of waiting. It’s quite a long wait but excusable because the food was served hot enough to be eaten and with a little apology plus a smile from the service crew who brought me my order. Aside from the fact, that I can see that the lines on their counter were longer and that there’s still many arriving customers.

Here’s my verdict for the food, I didn’t expect that a combination of the light sweetness and slight sourness of the orange taste well with the chicken. The chicken is rightly cooked and tender enough to be chewed. Although, the meal was served with few slices of the chicken meat. But, the sauce in the “Orange Chicken” compliments the chicken meat and the orange carpels and it really tastes good. I have to admit that my taste buds loved it. Moreover, it fits to be a viand on plain rice or even on fried rice… knowing that Filipinos cannot have a complete meal without rice. I’m happy that I’ve tried tasting it. Yup, why would “Chowking” include it on their menu if it’s not yummy. I should say that they’ve added an asset meal on their menu.

All I can say is that, if pineapple goes well with chicken in “Pininyahang Manok“, why not an orange with chicken!

Photo by: Sukito San

food moment: ICE SCRAMBLE a.k.a. “ISKRAMBOL”

iskrambol with chocolate syrup

When I was a kid during my elementary years… one of my favorite food that I usually buy after school that was sold in food carts placed in a styrobox along the street near the entrance of the campus is… the famous “iskrambol”.

“Iskrambol” is a slang term derived from the word “Ice Scramble”, a shortcut street call per sé. It is the Filipino version of slurpee or slushy made of shaved ice and which is usually in bright pink color. Sometimes, This sweet street food is commonly topped with chocolate syrup with sugar caramel and powdered milk.

iskrambol toppings

As time flies, “iskrambol” evolved into something classy and with many choices of toppings aside  from the said syrup. New toppings such as marshmallows, pinipig and colorful candy sprinklers. You can now enjoy it in different colors as well such as yellow, orange and green. Presently, it is already being sold in malls and open for franchising in many brand names to choose from. Definitely a yummy and an affordable treat to beat the heat of the sun.


Until now, eating it or just even looking at it reminds me of my foodtrippin’ fun childhood days!

Photos by: Sukito San

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