fruit salad

One of the things that we have to deal with after our New Year’s feast is how are we gonna consume all the food on the table that we have already served before its expiration date. Leftover fruits are one of the main concerns of “should be consumed” before its rotten state. 

Just one tip… slice all the unconsumed fruits in your refrigerator in your desired shapes and sizes. Mix it all in a big bowl. Add enough amount of cream and condensed milk according to your taste. Avoid adding any citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in your salad if there’s any milk ingredients present. Mixing together of citrus fruits and milk may cause vomiting and nausea aside from its not so pleasant taste when combined. Anyway, after mixing the sweet tasting fruits with milk and cream… chill it and serve! Now, you can have it as your appetizer or dessert. Enjoy 🙂

Photo by: Sukito San

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