Kung Hei Fat Choi! For those of you who have left-over “tikoy” in your refrigerator after your Chinese New Year celebration, here’s what you can do about it.

You will need: tikoy (any flavor or plain), eggs (beaten), fried peanuts (crushed), cheese (cut in strips), molo wanton wrapper, cooking oil, water (to paste the wrapper).

What to do: First, cut “tikoy” into strips and dip it in beaten eggs. Second, roll the dipped “tikoy” in crushed peanuts. Third, put the “tikoy” strips and cheese strips on molo wanton wrapper. Then, roll it over and paste the wrapper with water to seal. Lastly, fry it ’til golden brown and drain the oil afterwards. Serve hot with any drinks of your choice. Enjoy eating!

food recipe: NANAY’s HAM & CHEESE STICKS

Last Sunday my nanay (mom) prepared us a simple snack while watching tv. It’s a bunch of cheesesticks but with strips of ham inside. It taste meaty and salty at the same time. The saltiness of the cheese dominates the whole flavor of the food. Best when paired up with an iced tea. Of course, every merienda will always taste better when shared with company.

Here’s  how to do a simple but tasty cheesesticks for your family and friends:

You will need: molo wanton wrapper, ham (sliced in strips), cheddar cheese (sliced in strips), cooking oil, and water to paste the molo wanton wrapper.

First, place the slice of ham and cheese on the top of molo wanton wrapper. Second, roll the wrapper with the ham and cheese inside it. Then paste it with water. Lastly, fry it in a pan ’til golden brown and drain the oil afterwards. Serve it hot and with any juice, iced tea or cold drinks of your choice. Enjoy eating!

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