Rainy season is best dealt with eating hot and warm food for comfort while listening to the cluttering sound of raindrops on the rooftop. Enjoy eating!



ginataang halo-halo

“Ginataang Halo-Halo”

wanton mami soup

Wanton Mami Soup



lugaw o goto

“Lugaw” or “Goto”

hot monay with coffee

Hot “Monay” with Coffee

dried fish with fried rice

“Daing” or Salted Dried Fish with Fried Rice and Vinegar Garlic Dip plus Fresh Tomatoes on the side



food recipe: SPRING OMELET

One of my favorite breakfast is to have an omelet (omelette) on the table aside from eating a plain fried egg.  Sometimes I do cook for myself when no one’s at home as I woke up in the morning… and this is my simplest and easy-to-cook omelet recipe that I wanted to share.

You will need: one egg or more (depending on how many persons will eat), spring onions, ripe tomatoes, white onions and salt.

First, heat butter or vegetable oil (cooking oil) in a frying pan. Then, saute sliced white onions followed sliced tomatoes in a pan. Cut the spring onions into small pieces then saute it with the onions and tomatoes. In a separate bowl, have the eggs beaten up and add a very small amount of salt to taste. pour the beaten eggs in the pan with the  mixture. Cook it in a low fire ’til the egg turns sunny yellow. Serve it hot in a plate and sprinkle onion rings and spring onions on top.

Have a happy breakfast!


We usually have leftover bread at home. So, I decided to make a “Sugar Butter Toast” out of it. I just came out with a good simple recipe with any kind of leftover bread we have on the table.

This is how to make your own homemade toasted bread. Here’s what you’ll need: any kind of leftover bread, butter (or margarine if there’s no butter), and sugar.

First, heat the pan. Then, spread butter over your bread (one side only) and sprinkle enough amount of sugar on top. Next, turn your bread upside down in a heated pan with a very low fire for few minutes to avoid getting it burned. Wait ’til the butter and sugar caramelized or until golden brown. Toast the other side afterwards. Serve with hot coffee for breakfast while reading your favorite book or newspaper. Share it with a company and let them taste you homemade “Sugar Butter Toast”.

food feature: HOT PANDESAL

Pan de Sal is a spanish word which means “Bread of Salt”. It’s a classic Filipino bread served in breakfast and usually dipped in coffee. You can have it buttered or spread it with scrambled egg, sardines, omelets, corned beef, bacon, fried spam, salted egg, mayonnaise, cheese or any jam. Sometimes it is paired up with goto (lugaw) or champorado. It is a common and famous bread made of flour, yeast, eggs, sugar and salt. Then coated with bread crumbs.  It is best eaten when hot and fresh from the oven. Deserving to be the popular bun in the Philippines because every Filipino, rich and the less wealthy, really has this on their table during breakfast. Actually, I can call it as a “national bread” in my country. In addition to that, a survey in the news says that pandesal is not only good for breakfast but healthy too for midnight snack especially when paired up with milk.

Photos taken & owned by: Sukito

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