food moment: UBE MACAPUNO ROLL

ube macapuno roll

I am not really into celebrating my birthday in an extravagant way. For me, It’s an enough gift that I’ll always see my family in good health and that we are all living harmoniously. I didn’t expect that my nephew named, Jai Jai, would surprise me by presenting his birthday present to me on my special day. He got near to me as I came home and showed me what’s on the table. It’s an “Ube Macapuno Roll” from Red Ribbon with a written birthday greeting on it and with six little lit candles on top of it plus six faces of smileys made of white icing which adds cuteness to the cake. Of course, he’s just the one who presented it to me. But, it’s actually his parent’s idea to give it to me.

cake blow

Another funny moment that goes along with that cake roll whenever I see one was that as my nephew presented the cake to me, he asked me that he wanted to be the one to blow it for me. By the way, my 5-year old nephew has this habit of blowing candles on any cake he sees. And yup, he did succeed of blowing the six candles on the cake! 

Photos by: Sukito San

food news: LUGAW ALL YOU CAN!

Last Sunday, March 27, 2011, the Holy Family Parish Church in Parang, Marikina, Philippines have launched their fund-raising project called “Lugaw All You Can”. The strategy of the project has its similarity in an “Eat All You Can” restaurant. Bottomless “lugaw” per se’, as long as your stomach can handle it. “Lugaw” is the same as “Goto” and a Filipino term for “Arroz Caldo” or simply means as a rice porridge. The “lugaw” comes in beef, in pork, and with egg… whatever the parishioners want to have on their porridge and with some spices included.

The ticket for the said project only costs one hundred pesos (Php 100.00) per person. The proceeds will be used for the projects and the utilities of the mentioned church.

In a good way,”Lugaw All You Can” is feeding your tummy and your soul by means of helping at the same time. It simply means, hitting two birds with one stone.

Photos taken by: Sukito

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