Malunggay for National Vegetable


A Filipino backyard wouldn’t be complete without a Malunggay tree planted on it.

The House of Representatives declares a bill recognizing Malunggay as the National Vegetable of the Philippines and designating November as the National Malunggay Month every year.

Pangasinan Representative Gina De Venecia authored the House Bill 2072 or the Act Declaring the so-called “Miracle Vegetable” as one of the country’s national symbol. The said bill explains the medicinal benefits of Malunggay as an effective remedy against many kinds of diseases alongside with its vitamin and mineral contents which makes it a highly nutritious vegetable.

Malunggay with a scientific name of “Moringa Oleifera” have many medicinal uses. It relieves constipation, prevents intestinal worms, restores good skin condition, aids in gout and rheumatism, controls blood pressure, increases milk production for lactating mothers, contains anti-aging components, boosts immune system, increases semen count, heals ulcer, strengthens eye muscles, promotes good night sleep, and has anti-cancer compounds which is phytochemicals to name a few.

Pan de Malunggay

pan de malunggay

Some bread like the famous “Pinoy Pandesal” nowadays were added with powderized Malunggay leaves for a more nutritious breakfast.

Malunggay on Filipino Dishes

Monggo with malunggay leabes

Malunggay leaves and even its pods were added as main ingredients in some Filipino cuisine such as “Monggo with Malunggay”, “Bulanglang” or a simple vegetable soup, and Ilocanos “Dinengdeng” or a bagoong (shrimp paste) soup-based dish with vegetables added with fried or grilled fish.

malunggay pod

Malunggay seed pod also called as “Hagod” in some parts of Luzon, Philippines.

Photos by: Sukito San

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