metal ulingan

If “pugon” is the old-fashioned oven… “ulingan” is the classic version of stove.

clay ulingan

“Ulingan” or what others call as “Lutuang de Uling” or “Kalan de Uling” is an old and traditional model of a modern gas stove that was used by the Filipinos in cooking their meals during the olden times. Its name “ulingan” was derived from the Filipino term “uling” which means “charcoal”. It is commonly made of clay in a short cylindrical shape with a hole on its front side where the scrap wood and the charcoal will be placed and inserted. It also has another hole on top as its burner where the fire will come out and where the pot will be placed. Nowadays, you can also see an “ulingan” made out of cement, steel, metal, and even out of recycled tin cans. 


Presently, even  gas stoves and electric stoves have already existed in a modern kitchen for a less smoky way of cooking… “pinoys” tend to go back to the basic by using the time-tested and money-saving “ulingan” for some reasons like being thrifty and avoiding the hazard of LPG gas leak explosion. Moreover, elders believe that cooking with the use of wood or charcoal through an “ulingan” can add a different smell and flavor to the food.

cooking with the use of ulingan

Other folks who already have their stoves in the kitchen still prefer to have their “ulingan” in the backyard as an alternative cooking place and for grilling purposes as well.

Photos by: Sukito San


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  1. Omar
    Dec 25, 2015 @ 22:41:42

    Where can I buy this ulingan stove ? Kindly advise.. Thanks.


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