food news: BIG BUCKS from BUKO JUICE!

      The Philippine government and other companies in the country are planning to invest in buko juice industry and have it exported in America.    

     The Philippine Coconut Authority have seen the big potential in “coco juice” known to us here in the Philippines as “buko juice” in the line of  business for exports. President Benigno “PNoy” Aquino said that there is a growing demand in the United States of America for the coconut water in their market because of health and wellness awareness in the said country. America have also regarded it as a “natural sports drink”.

     The US Health Magazine named O.N.E. Organic Coconut Water which is manufactured in the Philippines and is sold and being exported in the US market as the “America’s Healthiest Beverage” for giving vital nutrition and for health hydration benefits and which also includes some important electrolytes needed by our body such as sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and calcium.

      Jose Quimson, President of Peter Paul PH Corp. said that there’s a great potential for coconut juice because of the global trend of folks that’s avoiding carbonated drinks and getting health conscious.

     Jun Castillo, a member of the Virgin Coconut Organization in the Philippines said in the news that they are open to the positive result of exporting buko juice and that the ordinary local buko vendors from the Philippines should not be intimidated for the export idea because many buko vendors as they’ve heard about it were scared that there might be a coconut shortage in the future especially for the coconut extract which many of them are using it in their other products just in case this move of the government will pursue. In response to this, it is assured in the news that the Philippines has around 340 million coconut trees planted on 3.4 million hectares of land.

     In relation to this, other petition raised to the government regarding this issue is for them to focus more on the coconut farmers for the growth of the coconut industry in the country. Moreover, aside from coco water… there should also be a government support for other innovation of  buko juice such as the production of “carbonated coconut water” which is naturally good for the health. Buko juice is also known in the Philippines for its beneficial relieving aid for urinary problems because it breaks up kidney stones.

     Just one tip,  a coconut vendor told me when I bought buko juice from him that the more the coconut meat… the lesser its juice. And the less and thinner its meat… the more juice you can get from it. So it’s up to you if which one do you prefer to have. You can ask the vendor’s help in distinguishing which is meatier or juicier… they will know it just by knocking on the tropical fruit.

Photos taken by: Sukito


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