food moment: SPUTNIK BREAD

Sputnik bread is a classic Filipino bread that can be usually bought in a small type bakery. This bread is quite hard to be found right now especially in famous or branded bakeries or in those famous bread and pastries store in the mall. But, you can still afford to buy this for two pesos (Php 2.00) in some local bakeries in the streets… if you’re lucky enough to find it. Presently, this pingpong ball-shaped bread has evolved into different and updated name like “mushroom”, wherein they share the same appearance and size. I also think that the name of this bread, “Sputnik”, as well as its form was derived or originated from the “Sputnik satellite”, which is also round in shape and the first artificial satellite that was placed into Earth’s orbit. If you’ll asked me about the taste, it’s milky and luscious at the same time… that is why I like eating this bread when I was young.


Well, since I’ve had it featured in my food moments entry.. it means that I have an unforgettable experience with this pastry. I was eight years old then when my mom asked me to buy some of these bread in the bakery nearby our place. So I did! When I’ve had it with me and I was about to get back home, I did not notice that there’s one dog following me at the back. When I am about to run, the dog started to chase me down… and so I fell. When I woke up, as far as I can remember… I was in a tricycle on my mom’s lap heading our way to the hospital. They panicked because they told me that I am unconscious for more than five minutes. When I got into the hospital, they’ve had me checked. The doctor said that a hard object hit my head which made me unconscious and gave me a head wound and injury. Of course, it’s not the sputnik! We later found out that it was the exposed head of a big nail in the wooden pathway where I fell that hit me and left a scar on my head (notice the scar in the upper back part of my head). At the end, I turned out to be fine and recovered. While the “sputnik” bread were left scattered all over the pathway as that dog ate all of it. Maybe, it’s the fault of the bread! That is why the dog followed and chased me because it was tempted of the bread’s luscious smell. Aside from the fact that I’ve bought it fresh from the oven. After that event, I still love eating “sputnik”!

By the way, I just noticed that my head looks like “sputnik” in the picture. haha 😀

(Photos taken by: Sukito)  


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. archie
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 06:01:09

    i also love to eat sputnik when i was young.. lucky for the dog he ate all the sputnik..hehe..


    • sukitospoon
      Mar 01, 2012 @ 20:20:21

      nice, we have something in common… and that’s we like to eat sputnik when we’re young. unfortunately, the dog got all the luck of eating it all. thanks archie fr ur comment 🙂


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