food recipe: CHAMPORADO

It’s been raining straight for a week now in our place due to two typhoons. So, I came to think of the best food compatible with the coldness during rainy season aside from soup. Then, “champorado” was brought up out of the menu. “Champorado” is a famous Filipino cuisine which is best served as breakfast or merienda. Literally, it is a chocolate rice porridge made out of rice, cocoa, milk and sugar. It can also be served hot or cold… whatever the preference of the person who’s going to eat it. Best paired with “tuyo”, a Philippine dried salty fish (usually “tawilis” fish) which is also famous for being a pinoy morning meal when paired up with fried rice and tomatoes with black coffee on the side. Anyway, the sweetness of “champorado” compliments the saltiness of “tuyo”. Maybe that is why they mutually taste good when combined. I’ve also tried tasting it, and I’ve proven that what they say is true! Cooking “champorado” is really easy and even starters in the kitchen can do it by themselves. Here’s a simple recipe that I’ve wanted to share for those who want to make their own “champorado”.


malagkit rice (amount varies on how many persons will eat)

cocoa or chocolate powder

evaporated milk




1. Wash the malagkit rice once or twice.

2. Put the malagkit rice in a big pot.

3. Fill the pot with water halfway to its size. Less water if you want it to be more sticky.

4. Stir your desired amount of cocoa powder in a cup with hot water. The amount of the cocoa powder depends on how you want your champorado to be more chocolatey in flavor. 

5. Pour the cocoa mixture in the pot with the rice and water.

6. Cook until it boils and reach its sticky condition. You can add another cup of water if you don’t want it to be too sticky.

7. Put in a bowl and add sugar and milk depending on how the way you want it to be sweet and creamy. You can also use condensed milk or even powdered milk if you do not have any available evaporated milk or creamer.

8. Pair it with “tuyo” for more adventurous taste options. Serve it hot or cold depending on your preference. Enjoy eating 🙂

(Photos taken by: Sukito)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. u8mypinkcookies
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 06:47:52

    favorite.. weird pero I like this cold so I put it inside the fridge after cooking it.. tapos madaming milk!


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