food news: COKE BUS


The famous cola in town, COCA-COLA, is in search for the next singing and dancing sensation. Open to all amateurs ages 13 up to 21 years old. The promo and the talent search will run from February 2011 until December 2011. They will be holding live auditions and live digital auditions for the interested persons. They will be strolling around the metro and in some barangays, in public parks and places to do their promotional activities and their talent search through a big roving COKE Bus. Inside the COKE Bus you will experience their 3D mini theater wherein you can watch Roadfill and Moymoy Palaboy promoting the mentioned cola while wearing a headset and a 3D eyeglasses. For the second part of the bus, you can watch their product’s commercials and history with some memorabilias which will also require you to do a little dancing to the tune of the present Coca-Cola theme song. For the last part, you will have the chance to be the star in your own photo shoot of your chosen and original pose as you hold the coke while modelling it. The photo is for free! And the best part, while waiting for your picture to be developed and to be edited… you can have a free taste of Coke and enjoy it with your company. It’s your chance to show what you’ve got! Enjoy drinking. 🙂

Photos taken by: Sukito


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