food trivia: HEALTHY GREEN TEA

Green tea originates from China and has become a part of many cultures in Asian countries. It was used against headaches and depression in Ancient China. Recently, it has been widely adopted in the West. According to a health survey conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, green tea contains “flavonoids” which are a group of phytochemicals found in most plant products that are responsible for such health effects as anti-oxidative and anticarcinogenic functions which on the other hand varies depending on the tea product. Drinking green tea regularly can also lower chances of having heart disease together with its anti-cancer and anti-bacterial healing benefits. Aside from preventing cancer, it  also lowers “bad” cholesterol and blood sugar, stops the unnatural formation of blood cloth, reduces high blood pressure, protects liver against toxins, boosts immune system, helps your body maintain healthy fluid balance, stimulates metabolism, prevents allergic reactions, and destroys free radicals that cause aging.  Other researches show that, drinking green tea regularly may help prevent tooth decay and promotes oral health by killing the bacteria which causes the dental plaque.

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Wikipedia: Green Tea


Green Tea


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