food tool: KUDKURAN (Coconut Grater)

Traditional Filipino homes has this must-have kitchen tool especially those who love to cook or do delicacies with coconut… the “coconut grater” or “shredder”, commonly known in the Philippines as “kudkuran” or “kudkuran ng niyog”. This humble and simple machine made out of elongated wood for its bench and its metal grater attached on its forepart is used to segregate or separate the coconut flesh from its shell. In order to use it, you have to sit on its other end opposite to its grater with your legs apart and with your hands holding the half-cut coconut while grating it in its shredder manually. Also called as “igad” in Ilocano, “kaguran” in Bisaya, and “pangudkuran” in Ivatan.

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