food feature: HOT PANDESAL

Pan de Sal is a spanish word which means “Bread of Salt”. It’s a classic Filipino bread served in breakfast and usually dipped in coffee. You can have it buttered or spread it with scrambled egg, sardines, omelets, corned beef, bacon, fried spam, salted egg, mayonnaise, cheese or any jam. Sometimes it is paired up with goto (lugaw) or champorado. It is a common and famous bread made of flour, yeast, eggs, sugar and salt. Then coated with bread crumbs.  It is best eaten when hot and fresh from the oven. Deserving to be the popular bun in the Philippines because every Filipino, rich and the less wealthy, really has this on their table during breakfast. Actually, I can call it as a “national bread” in my country. In addition to that, a survey in the news says that pandesal is not only good for breakfast but healthy too for midnight snack especially when paired up with milk.

Photos taken & owned by: Sukito


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