Food is no longer a question on nutrition but on survival. Prices of goods and transportation increase which make more Filipinos to eat less than three times a day and most of the times… not at all. Nowadays, 3.4 million Filipino families suffer from hunger while 6.7 million consider themselves to be food-poor.

The Philippine government specifically the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) aims to feed the needy but still admits that they are still waiting for hotels and restaurants to donate their excess food and play a part to the cause. On the other hand, the Philippine Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP) says that it is still imperative to discard excess food to ensure quality and safety for everyone. Yet, most restaurant owners are scared to give away their leftover food due to the fact that it may spread disease from the one who eats it beforehand or may cause poisoning due to food spoilage. On the other hand, some restaurant pledged to carry out the Food Donation Act in all of their branches privately.

On the contrary, Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon encourages food establishments to give away excess food to the needy. As part of the encouragement, Gordon affirms that establishments will not be held liable as long as there was no gross negligence or any malicious intent on their part. Contributors are protected by the law.

Still, many hungry Filipino families were thankful for the cause.

Source courtesy of : ABS CBN (Krusada: Hunger)


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  1. Caleb Gosa
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 12:54:58

    I am providing enough food to feed about 1,700 meals a week in the Legazpi and Tobaco City in the Albay province in the Philippines.

    I am only an individual, not a charity organization. I have 20 volunteers to distribute the food to the street children and the squatter villages. I live In Savannah, Ga. and I communicate with the volunteers by Western Union, email and face book.

    My face book site is if you want to know about what we are doing.

    These people are in desperate need of your help.

    If ANYONE can provide us with more free food that we can distribute, please let us know.

    Presently, I am paying about $36.00 (150 pesos) for 50 kilos of rice. I purchase about 20 or more 50 kilo bags each month along with hundreds of lbs. of fish and other foods. The price fluctuates with inflation. If anyone knows where or how I can get cheaper or free food to give to the poor, please let me know.


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